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June 10th, 2024

eCommerce fulfilment, there’s no quick fix! Or is there?

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Reaching the next level when it comes to your eCommerce fulfilment isn’t easy, and honestly, there isn’t a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all approach that we can give you that will solve all of your logistics problems.

BUT… that being said, there is so much that you can do when it comes to taking your fulfilment from zero to hero; so let’s get into it.

Improving eCommerce fulfilment, one step at a time.

Optimise your tech stack and investigate your user journey.

It is super important that you put the same time, care and attention into the tech stack that you have in place for post-purchase as you do pre.

Starting with emails. All too often we see marketing emails steal the show with video, images, discount codes the lot – but the order confirmation email is simple and templated. Now some would argue that less is more when it comes to transactional emails, but less doesn’t mean boring.

Using branded transactional emails, with product suggestions, discount codes for your next purchase and additional extras like this make the customer aware that even though they’ve reached the end of their buying journey, their journey as your customer is far from over.

Using email providers such as Klaviyo can help you optimise every step of your customer journey, to initial acquisition and beyond.

Think about sustainability and your personal carbon footprint. 

eCommerce fulfilment has a reputation of having a negative impact on the environment. From an excess of packaging, to multiple vehicles on the road delivering parcels, there is a lot that can be said for the eCommerce industry's carbon footprint. But… all is not lost. In order to level up your eCommerce fulfilment you NEED to be working with packaging suppliers, couriers and other third parties that are being sustainability conscious, and that includes your business too!

Winning at the game of eCommerce fulfilment means tailoring your practices to what you customers are looking for, and in a 2024 world that means going GREEN! Green practices include cutting back on single-use plastics, sending packages in containers which are of an appropriate size and keeping parcels safe in innovative ways which reduces the need of traditional materials such as bubble wrap.

So what is the easy fix? Honestly, that is where a 3PL comes in! With years of experience and industry knowledge, a 3PL has not only the means but also the industry know-how to create a solution which is both environmentally aware as well as safe, secure and cost-conscious!

When you’re in the market to choose a 3PL look at their “green promise” as well as signs that they’re on top of it when it comes to taking steps to ensure the eCommerce industry doesn’t have those negative impacts on our planet. At SCEND we have achieved our “Carbon Neutral Britain” certification meaning that we’re on the right track when it comes to cutting our carbon footprint and helping our clients do the same thing!  

Keep your target audience in mind, always.

Yet another “hack” when it comes to your eCommerce fulfilment is understanding that a “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t always the best route to take! Your customers aren’t all the same, and so they don’t want the same treatment – if you’re a store selling multiple products to multiple different target audiences make sure that you have those individuals in mind when you’re designing your packaging.

And the first step, banish the beige. The simple, timeless cardboard box is great, but using interesting branded packaging options which your customers resonate with can be the difference between your brand growing or remaining stagnant. We’ve said it before – and we’ll definitely say it again but when it comes to your packaging what’s on the outside really does matter.

So, if you’re a cosmetics company and you’re targeting a younger, more social media focused generation, using brightly coloured packaging which is both eye-catching and interesting can help to boost your brand – but if you’re a more traditional brand who are targeting professionals and MUA’s maybe you could look at a more monochromatic and sophisticated colour scheme – thinking about who you’re looking to impress with your packaging really does go a long way!

The same goes for your inserts! Looking at personalised inserts over traditional delivery notes will help your brand continue to target and upsell to a specific target audience long after they've purchased from you. 

Think about the ENTIRE journey, remember the sale doesn’t end at the pay now button.

All too often people treat their eCommerce fulfilment journey as second to their eCommerce sales journey, and whilst giving your customers a cracking sales journey will keep them coming back (if they feel truly looked after) the sale itself is nothing without its good friend fulfilment! Giving people a post-purchase journey that they won’t forget really will keep them on-side and go towards keeping a customer around for life.

One of the best parts about ordering a product online is that anticipation and excitement that your customers feel when the parcel arrives. Because honestly, who doesn’t love getting mail!

So here are some tips to get your customers LOVING that aftersales era!

1. Give them little surprises! Most brands have sample products or cheeky tasters which they can give out to customers, especially if they’ve spent a good amount of money with your brand. Giving out free samples or tasters of products is a great way to not only reward your customers for purchasing from you but are also a great trick for introducing them to new products which they maybe haven’t tried and encourage a repeat purchase! A brand which is amazing at this is Space NK! Space NK offer two free samples at checkout which you get to choose… but that’s not all. When your parcel arrives they also throw in a third mystery sample for you to test out and these little surprises are great ways of making your customers feel a certain joy towards your brand. Making them come back time and time again!


2. Put their name on the packaging… and we don’t just mean the label! As brands you know who is purchasing from you and usually we can personalise products to suit that person. Now, we’re not saying that if someone comes on your site and orders a single £1.00 product that you should be personalising their packaging, but giving repeat, loyal or customers who have spent a good amount of money a more thoughtful post-purchase journey can go a long way! A great brand that personalises their products is Skin and Me, having a customers name on the outer packaging really does make that customer feel special. So whether you’re a chocolate brand, or a cosmetics company, could you put your customers’ name somewhere on that packaging to add an additional element of personalisation?


3. Offer fast, next-day delivery! With the likes of Boohoo offering next-day delivery on orders placed before 11pm and others hitting the likes of 8, 9 and 10pm it is essential that you’re offering your customers next day delivery with later cut-off times. More and more people are browsing, and scrolling later on in the day, and with the traditional 9-5 becoming less of the ‘norm’ peoples shopping habits have adapted with two peak times of 11am and 8pm! So with that in mind working with couriers who offer later pick-up times means that you can offer same-day dispatch on more and more orders. 22% of shoppers abandon their online baskets due to lengthy delivery periods, so what better way to capture those customers than by offering faster delivery times and next-day options for those late-night shoppers.

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