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SCEND started back in 2018 when we saw an opportunity to turn eCommerce fulfilment from a commodity into an asset which can be used to improve brands' revenue and retention! 

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The Birth of SCEND (Formally UFS)

After running eCommerce stores, and selling a high volume on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, we soon learned that logistics was an essential part of the eCommerce experience. Our founders decided to come together and start in the world of eCommerce fulfilment. After just a few months we had a name, a website and a registered company; UFS (UK Fulfilment Service)


Moving into our first warehouse.

Thousands of outreach emails and a few leads later, we had managed to outgrow our little garage and started the hunt for our first warehouse. We secured a unit, borrowed a transit van, and began the process of moving in! After many 5 a.m. starts and 40+ trips back in forth, we had finally moved all of the stock and racking we had accumulated over the past year!

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Expanding UFS.

Towards the end of 2019 and moving into 2020 we had grown enough to add our first team member! And as UFS began to grow we were approaching on a global pandemic which would change the face of eCommerce. But – that wasn’t the only major event in 2020, as we started the year a significant event would happen which would leave us cutting all ties with UFS and beginning the process towards a full rebrand…

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Sticking to our roots.

As we moved through the beginning of 2020, we were approached and offered investment to excel our growth. Knowing that it wasn’t the right time for us, we doubled down and began expanding our team. Throughout 2020 the business began to grow and we continued to expand the team and adding more exciting clients.


Expanding our service offering.

Throughout the following two years whilst still deciding on which way we wanted to go with the rebrand we turned our attention to expanding our service offering, improving efficiencies, and achieving our business continuity/security (ISO:9001/ ISO:27001). In a situation where we could bring on new clients, but not build our brand was killing us, our brand is our personality, and we wanted to show it off.

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New warehouse


Moving on and up. 

By mid-2022 we had outgrown yet another establishment, and so we expanded further gaining access to yet another unit! We needed more space, so more space we got!  

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Getting ready for the 2022 peak period.

Heading into the peak period in late 2022 we ensured that we were more than ready for whatever was thrown our way! We began hiring yet again and gathered an amazing team of like-minded individuals. The 2022 peak period was our biggest success to date! Shipping thousands of parcels without a hitch demonstrated that hard work we’d put in over the last two years had paid off including increasing our service offerings and investing in operational planning.


Investing in us.

As we entered 2023 the busy period just didn’t stop, and in fact, we were busier than ever. So we knew now was the time to get stuck into our rebrand. Thus SCEND as you know it was born! We decided on a new name and adopted a clear understanding of our mission, vision and values! In previous years we had used marketing agencies to help us, but when our vision changed…so did our perception. We wanted to do as much as possible internally, so again we added to the team.

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Right now…

Hello SCEND!

Introducing SCEND… after months of working on and investing in the brand we are now ready to release it to the world. In September of 2023 we launched our new name, new brand, new look and new website to the world! But that isn’t the end of our journey… check back as we continue to grow, and expand the brand, the team and our amazing services.

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Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

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