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B2B & Retail Prep

Level up your B2B fulfilment with a reputable 3PL partner. Working with SCEND will allow you to ship orders to some of the best and biggest businesses hassle-free.  

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e-Fulfilment specialists leading the charge on B2B fulfilment.

With SCEND primarily specialising in eCommerce fulfilment, you may be led to believe that our B2B service often takes a back seat. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. SCEND have a dedicated B2B team which consists of enthusiastic individuals who handle orders of 1500 plus items daily. Having a B2B team allows for SCEND to be multidimensional when it comes to our client’s needs. Ensuring we can offer a service which caters to all their customers, not just those who purchase online.

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Prepping orders to retailers’ stringent specifications.

SCEND understand that bigger businesses have stricter guidelines when it comes to how they receive products. Shipping to companies such as Amazon, ASDA, ASOS, Beauty Bay, Superdrug and many more means that the products cannot be  simply shipped straight out the door! This means products will undergo retail prep including re-packing, re-labelling and re-barcoding, depending on who we’re shipping to. Our processes allow the team to complete the retailer preparation adhering to the goods-in manual of the required retailer, ensuring that all products comply with the retailers’ specifications before they leave SCEND HQ.

We offer a 48-hour turnaround on all orders that require retail prep.

Larger quantity orders, and wholesale packing.

As well as the retail prep orders, the B2B team tackle the wholesale orders too. Due to the larger quantities of the items, these orders are unsuitable to be packed at our B2C pack benches. Therefore, we have a designated B2B pack station where we deal with larger quantities. Some orders simply require the products to be picked off the storage pallets and stacked onto the pallet on which they'll be shipped out. These orders are then taken to the B2B pack station where they’re wrapped and booked onto the system for pallet collection. Other wholesale orders are picked on flatbed trolleys and taken to our B2B pack station to be packed into our wholesale cartons.

Our warehouse management system allows for all wholesale orders and retail orders to have preferable batch codes and best before bates allowing clients to have full control over how their stock is distributed. 

Outside of the warehouse

Team of dedicated B2B experts with years of experience. 

We're committed to giving each of our customers the full SCEND experience whether they're B2B or B2C. We worth with a range of both clients and retailers. 


48-hour turnaround for retail prep orders. 

We're dedicated to treating our B2B orders with the same speed and precision which we do our B2C! 


Same day dispatch! 

All wholesale orders placed before 12PM will receive same-day dispatch. 

Flatbed Trolly

Dedicated B2B Packing Space

Dedicated packing space for all wholesale and B2B orders coming through the warehouse. 

"Integral to our UK expansion..."The crew at SCEND are a true extension of our in-house team, they're diligent in their operation and take full control of our e-fulfilment with ease. It is imperative we partner with a team that is flexible to our ever-changing needs and is able to provide a service with the highest quality.

- Kelly Euripidou, Founder at The Fox Tan

Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

Are you ready to level-up your logistics? Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your questions and get your journey with SCEND started.