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Beauty & Cosmetics Fulfilment

The online beauty and cosmetics industry is booming! And with more orders coming in, means more orders being dispatched. At SCEND we specialise in the correct storage, packing and distribution of beauty and cosmetics products ensuring they get to your customers, safely, securely and on time.

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Supporting online beauty brands with order fulfilment.

At SCEND, we store all your beauty and cosmetics products in our safe and secure warehouse. From makeup to skincare, beauty tools to accessories, your products are categorised and stored ready to be picked, packed, and dispatched to your customers. We understand the importance of storing cosmetics products in a safe and correct way! We work tirelessly to ensure products are kept clean, secure, and damage-free.

Incorrectly stored and poorly packaged beauty stock can lead to breakages and leaks in transit. The result? Unhappy customers and costly returns for your beauty or cosmetics business. At SCEND, we treat your stock like our own, from the moment they arrive at our warehouse right through to getting them to your customer’s door!

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Choosing the best e-fulfilment provider for your industry.

When it comes to selecting a 3PL to look after the fulfilment for your beauty brand you need to look at who is going to not just pick, pack, post – but one that has you in mind.

SCEND work with a range of beauty brands and provide numerous services including eCom fulfilment, returns management and contract packing. Our experience helps us, to help you, ensuring an exceptional experience every time.

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The beautiful process of beauty fulfilment...

Want an idea of what to expect when you choose SCEND as your logistics provider?


We receive your beauty & cosmetics products and begin meticulously checking over all the stock! Once that’s done, we’ll scan, allocate and store each product in a safe, secure, and fume-free area… perfect for all those beautiful products.


Boom! You’ve received an order. As soon as this happens we will be automatically notified and our specialist team of experts will begin picking & packing your beauty products.


Once picked & packed, your customers' order will then be dispatched. Tracking details will be automatically updated so that both you and the customer can keep track of the package.


If your customer wishes to return the order that just adds one more step. The order will be sent back to our safe and secure warehouse where we will inspect each item for damage. After this process, you will then be notified to issue the customer a refund.

Why choose SCEND for your beauty fulfilment?

At SCEND we stand for speed, accuracy and quality! And this is no different sector to sector, we learn to change and adapt our process to suit yours, your customers and your industries needs to ensure each product that leaves our warehouse does so quickly, correctly and undamaged.

Same-day dispatch on orders placed before 9pm.

Expert packing to ensure no breakages or spills.

Clever technology allows for full system tracking.

Worldwide shipping to easily expand your market!

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Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

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