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Hyper-personalised Inserts

Out with the old, in with the SMARTSlip®. SCEND have teamed up with to bring our clients a revolutionary new way to reach our customers. The SMARTSlip® slides into the box in place of a delivery note and offers a whole host of personalised marketing content which is proven to keep customers coming back! 

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What are the benefits of using hyper-personalised inserts? 

Personalisation is one of the best secret weapons that any business can have in their marketing toolkit!

Customers have come to expect a tailored sales journey, from the website right through to their post-purchase material! And personalisation doesn’t just mean a name!

The personalisation can be done to suit your business needs. From suggested products, to QR links to review platforms you name it... we can do it! 

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Who Are have one clear and dedicated focus... customer loyalty. 

Founded by e-tail experts they are made up of marketeers and developers with a solid focus on improving customer experience. They understand that the customer journey doesn't stop at the point of purchase. That is why they have developed amazing, hyper-personalised delivery notes which will encourage your customers to keep coming back. 

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Integrates with ease...

You'll be in good company

SMARTSlip® integrates easily into all major eCommerce platforms & marketplaces as well as select marketing outlets. 

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Why choose hyper-personalised inserts with SCEND?

At SCEND we believe that your customer should be the main priority! That is why we encourage our customers to go above and beyond when it comes to customer experience. Remember... the journey doesnt end at checkout! The more that we can do post-purchase, the more likely they are to return.

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Print on demand.

Inserts are printed on demand to ensure that each one is hyper-personalised to your customer. 

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100% open rate 

The only marketing material that has a 100% open rate! 

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Increase customer retention

Including suggested products or promo codes within your custom insert can help keep customers coming back. 

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Fully personalised to your customers. 

More than just a name, hyper-personalised inserts can include packing images, suggested products and personal codes. 

Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

Are you ready to level-up your logistics? Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your questions and get your journey with SCEND started.