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Goods In Transit Insurance

No more filing claims, chasing resolutions and worrying about the ins and outs of the protection offered by each individual courier.

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Essential shipping insurance solution. 

Businesses across the eCommerce ecosystem have traditionally had to rely on the shipping protection offered by couriers. When it comes to this, the coverage offered can be confusing, inflexible and the claims process is more often than not time-consuming & frustrating.

That is why at SCEND we've gone out of our way, done the research and are now offering Anansi as part of our eCommerce fulfilment package. We've explored the very best providers on the market and Anansi gives a flexible automated solution which is simple to set up and easy to use. 

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Who are Anansi?

Anansi provides the world’s first embedded parcel cover with automated claims for retailers, fulfilment houses and marketplaces alike. 

The process is fully digitalised and automated - taking the hassle out of the claims. Anansi works using the shipping tracking data and parametric claim triggers to automate repetitive processes and digitalise the merchant journey. It’s paperless, from onboarding and policy issuance through to claims and settlements.

With Anansi you can also create new lines of revenue by monetising shipping insurance on your platform. Earn revenue each time a parcel is shipped and turn insurance into a profit centre.

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Why did we choose Anansi?

At SCEND we have chosen to partner with Anansi based on their fantastic product which not only provides exceptional goods in transit insurance - but the clever technology behind the product digitalises manual processes including claims. 

Anansi is a fully automated and hassle-free solution; but don't just take our word for it, check out just some of the exciting features of this amazing service.

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Flexible Cover

Pick the order values of items to cover. Change any time.

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Multi-Courier Coverage

Coverage for shipments sent via all major couriers. That’s 1200+.

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Comprehensive Cover

Loss, delay, damage: UK to UK. Loss, damage: UK to International.

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Courier Free Claims Process

Say goodbye. To the lengthy and conflicted courier claims process.

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Automated Touchless Claims

Time triggered claims creation. Otherwise known as parametric.

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Fair Claims Settlement

Full retail value versus cost price. Coverage for goods up to the value of £25,000.

Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

Are you ready to level-up your logistics? Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your questions and get your journey with SCEND started.