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July 12th, 2023

eCommerce Fulfilment: A Guide for Beauty & Cosmetics Brands.

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Online beauty sales skyrocket since social commerce take-off!

Over the past three years, we’ve seen the eCommerce industry soar. This is especially true when it comes to beauty & cosmetics. As we all know one of the biggest culprits when it comes to this immense boom was the global pandemic – but that was just the beginning.

Since 2020, the movement of cosmetics goods online has almost tripled. The beauty industry recorded over 3,500 new online stores in just one year and is now worth almost £27 billion. Companies House released an article which directly attributed this to the rise of social commerce and a generation reliant on social media influencers and beauty vloggers to give real honest reviews and recommendations.

So, if we ever thought that after the pandemic we’d go back to buying in-store, social commerce and TikTok Shop made sure we continued to buy our beauty products from the comfort of our own home.

But what does this mean for beauty brands selling in a post-2020 world?

More orders coming in means more orders going out.  It’s like that old saying “what goes up must come down” – fulfilment is inevitable. So now you’ve perfected your brand, the website, and the sales process it’s time to turn your attention to fulfilment.

Let’s look at the stats.

85% of online customers are currently dissatisfied with their delivery, it is the biggest point of contention in eCommerce and businesses like yours are dealing with numerous complaints daily about delivery times, costs, wrong orders and so much more.

69% of consumers are less likely to shop with a brand again if their order was not delivered within 2 days.

30% of first-time buyers are much less likely to return to your brand if their parcel arrived damaged.

Any business wanting to scale needs to really think about a robust logistical plan, so what about considering a fulfilment partner?

Moving your fulfilment from in-house to a 3PL might seem like a big step but taking the leap can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, retention and overall revenue.

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Five things beauty & cosmetics brands should consider when choosing a 3PL.

Fast delivery times

Backed by the stats we know that fast delivery = more returning customers. And returning customers mean more sales and more sales means a bigger ROI! So how do you make sure this comes to fruition? Choosing a fulfilment partner that has a commitment to fast delivery is key.

At SCEND we have a “same-day dispatch” policy which means all our orders are picked, packed,and sent out at record speeds, if we do say so ourselves. This is a promise we give to our clients to ensure your customers get the best service possible and lightning-quick deliveries.

Commitment to accuracy

Never compromise when it comes to your customers' orders. Speed doesn’t always mean inaccurate. When selecting a 3PL to work with make sure that they’re committed to accuracy. One of the biggest pain points for customers is receiving the wrong item!

That is why at SCEND we check, check… and you guessed it, check again! All our orders are triple-checked before they’re sent out to your customers. Making it three times less likely to receive an order that they didn’t ask for.

Put sustainability at the heart of it.

We’re all conscious of doing the right thing for our planet. As a whole, the eCommerce industry is one of the worst when it comes to environmental impact. From the fuel that is powering the product transportation to the packaging, there is a way to minimise the carbon footprint associated with the online beauty industry.

When looking for a 3PL ensure you choose one that matches your sustainable promise. At UFS we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact that fulfilment has. We work with sustainable packaging providers who have drastically reduced the use of single-use plastics. Internally we’ve also made the switch to water-activated paper adhesive removing the use of plastic packing tape, as well as using recyclable filler paper in place of traditional bubble wrap.

Make fulfilment beautiful.

The impact that social commerce has had on the beauty industry is undeniable! And that is somewhat thanks to unboxing videos. With over 4 million posts on Instagram using the #unboxing how do you get yours to stand out? There’s only one way, make it beautiful.

Using packaging which stands out from the crowd will not only get you noticed when it comes to receiving parcels – but it can be used as a marketing tool too. With influencer marketing absolutely crushing it and the beauty industry thriving, you can get noticed if you use your fulfilment as a marketing tool.

At SCEND we understand and actively preach that we’re your last touch point before your customer receives their order, so why not utilise that? We offer some super cool options when it comes to custom packaging, interesting inserts and even the ability to upsell products. We’re on hand to discuss how you can level up your packaging!

Customer service

What about when something goes wrong? Look we’re all human, and there will be times when things that are out of our control go wrong – but it’s how you deal with it that makes all the difference. The biggest part of responding to queries and complaints quickly and efficiently is the relationship and communication you have with your 3PL.

At SCEND we have an open, honest and 100% transparent relationship with our clients. Constant communication allows both us and our clients to be in the know when it comes to parcels 100% of the time. So, if ever a situation arises with a lost, damaged or delayed order we’ll keep you updated so you can keep your customers on side!

When it comes to beauty the sky really is the limit! With new revolutionary products being created literally every single day, and demand only increasing brands must find new ways to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

Whether you decide to keep your eCommerce fulfilment in-house or change to a 3PL you need to make sure your fulfilment is quick, accurate and memorable!

So... if you are looking to outsource to a fulfilment partner that is up-to-speed with beauty fulfilment give us a shout, contact us today! 


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Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

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