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July 3rd, 2023

Why your fulfilment partner should be more than just a commodity?

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When it comes to fulfilment, we understand that the standard practice pick and pack just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Now if you’re looking to just “get by” with a no-bells-and-whistles approach, the standard might just be enough. But for those looking to get ahead of the game, you might need something with a little more flare.

With the eCommerce industry becoming increasingly popular, and quickly adapting to be the fastest-moving sector globally, some brands are truly being left behind.

We’ve all heard the horror stories, acquisition costs soaring, the death of third-party cookies, and the sudden importance being placed behind customer lifetime value… unfortunately, it’s all true! But the reality is these things are out of our control. However, there are some elements which we can control.

We work with a selection of eCommerce brands across a range of sectors, meaning we’ve come across some super successful brands. So what is their trick?

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No, it’s not sorcery, it’s a combination of:

  • Great products,
  • Strong USPs,
  • Clean, clear, concise marketing strategy,
  • Recognisable branding,
  • Finding their niche,
  • Excelling at the fulfilment game.

Working with a 3PL such as SCEND helps you to get that last point sorted so that you can focus on the others! As an outside hand, reaching in, we understand every aspect of eCommerce fulfilment and make it our job to not only help in getting your fulfilment up to standard but to help it grow and excel to the next level.

We partner with a select range of dreamers to provide a world-class fulfilment solution which continuously gives brands the leading edge.

So why settle for okay, when you can achieve and grow!

How does a fulfilment partner help you reach these new heights?

1. We sweat the small stuff!

When it comes to fulfilment the devil really is in the detail – and just as you can get away with a brown box with a regular order slip, doesn’t mean you should. As our full-time job, we really do excel when it comes to the little details. Having personalised delivery slips which include product recommendations selected just for them, or having vibrant branded packaging which resonates with that customer are small but mighty ways in which you can encourage your customers to repeat-purchase even after they’ve left the traditional sales funnel. Giving you one last push to increase those all-important retention rates.

2. Acquire new customers with access to later cut-off times.

We work around the clock to ensure that orders placed before 4 pm will be sent out that same day! Having access to this fantastic service means that you can offer more of your customers a next-day delivery service helping with acquisition rates and in turn reducing the number of checkout abandons caused by lengthy delivery times!

3. Get customers for life with recognisable “funky” branding.

People who LOVE your brand will buy, buy, and buy again! But if you’re getting lost in a sea of beige how will your customers know it’s you? With a significant increase in the amount that just one person is ordering online people are receiving an influx of beige boxes every single day! Studies show that boxes with a fun design, or an added element which makes them instantly recognisable increases the chances that they will not only share these parcels on social media, but they will continue to buy! And in today’s climate, a loyal customer really is like gold-dust.

With a sea of brands, and more and more trying to compete in a busy space, fulfilment really isn’t just “another aspect of your business.” Changing your mindset when it comes to fulfilment, looking at it as an asset rather than a commodity can really be the difference between sinking and swimming when it comes to the eCommerce shark tank.

So ask yourself… is it time for a change?

Reach out to our time for some help and advice on how you can level up your fulfilment with the help of a 3PL. Contact a member of the team. 

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