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December 13th, 2023

Get Prepared Christmas: How to improve my fulfilment process?

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The key to any good fulfilment process is preparation, and this is especially true around the holidays. Christmas means an increase in people shopping, and especially shopping online, but on top of that with people concerned about their delivery arriving on time we see more and more shoppers willing to pay more for next or same-day delivery!

So what does this mean for our fulfilment? As the old saying goes “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail” and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to connecting your products to your customers. So here are our top 5 things that you can do to get your fulfilment up to speed ahead of the Christmas rush!

The 5 things you need to do to prepare for Christmas!

1. Work on your stock & inventory management!

The key to preparation for any peak season, but especially Christmas, is making sure that you’ve got a hold on your stock management, ensuring you’re in a place to keep up with the increased demand! Keeping an eye on what is coming in and going out at all times, preparing for an influx of orders.  This is the best way to make sure none of your customers are going to be disappointed by out-of-stock notices or orders which are cancelled once they’ve been placed.

If you’re taking on your own fulfilment you should make sure that you have regular stock updates coming from your warehouse team! However, if you’re working with a 3PL like SCEND you should be receiving regular insights into your stock levels. With SCEND you’ll have 24/7 access to your stock and inventory levels helping you to better prepare for an influx of orders around the holidays. 

2. Create a fast and accurate pick-and-pack solution.

More orders, means more chance for error. Therefore, it is extremely important to re-evaluate your pick and pack process ahead of peak season. With your customers expecting fast dispatch and delivery you need to create a sustainable solution which will help you get more orders out the doors, at a higher speed, and with 100% accuracy to avoid complaints and returns.

At SCEND we have perfected our pick-and-pack process which includes a fully digitalised warehousing system removing the prospect of human error. We scan, scan and scan your products in and out to ensure that we know which item is in which box and that it is connected to the correct customer – and with years in the business we have managed to perfect this process at record speeds. Meaning that no matter how many orders come through during the Christmas period we can handle them, quickly, accurately and with the same flare as we would during less busy times.

3. Partner with the right courier for the job.

With an increase in sales, and an added pressure of getting products delivered in time for Christmas you need to make sure that you’re working with the right courier for the job. Ensuring that your customers get their products on time and in one piece is essential for you, your business, and your customers!

When you work with SCEND we offer insight into the best couriers to use based on your business needs. We have a full blog piece all about how you can choose the right courier for the job. But if you’re still unsure or have any questions SCEND are here to help.

4. Streamline your order journey, including returns.

When it comes to Christmas in the eCommerce world, your consumers want to execute their buying journey quickly, accurately and with as few steps or obstacles as possible. From onboarding your customers to having them navigate your online store and subsequently purchasing goods – these are all elements of the journey which you can work on and perfect over the course of your time in business. But when it comes to the fulfilment side, some of these need just a little touch more work.

Working with a 3PL will mean that you can make the fulfilment process as fluid and streamlined as the buying purchase, meaning that no matter where your customers are in their journey, they will have a pleasant experience which keeps them coming back for more.

On top of ensuring that your customers have a streamlined process when it comes to purchasing, your customers should also expect a fast an efficient returns process too. Take a look at how SCEND can help supercharge your returns process.

5. Working with a reputable 3PL.

We understand just how intense the Christmas rush can be, and taking on this challenge isn’t always the best idea when you’re going at it alone. Using a reputable 3PL can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, reduce return rates and ease the stress of the Christmas season!

At SCEND we’re experts in eCommerce fulfilment, with over 10 years’ in the industry we’ve navigated our way through some of the most intense sales periods and can say we don’t miss a trick. Working with a 3PL like SCEND during the Christmas rush is the best way to ensure that your customers are getting the post-purchase experience that they deserve.

Get ahead of the game for Christmas 2024.

Peak seasons are the perfect time to evaluate your fulfilment solution. With more orders coming through the website, more people looking for rushed delivery, and a greater need to increase stock volumes you’ll see any cracks forming with your current solution. And though now might not be the right time to start changing your 3PL – you can always begin looking to the future, as we said failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So if you want to get ahead of the game and make sure next Christmas your fulfilment isn’t just up to standard but is far superior, speak to a member of the SCEND team, hit the button below!

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