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April 25th, 2024

eCommerce Guide: The trick to mastering reverse logistics.

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Reverse logistics, or returns, can be an absolute minefield, especially with the boom of eCommerce sales and a rise in fashion influencer marketing trends. Often giving eCom brands an absolute headache, navigating returns can lead to decreased revenue, product and inventory losses and upset customers who refuse to purchase from your store again.

So, how do we navigate the world of reverse logistics?

One simple, and proven to be effective way, is to work alongside the experts. Hiring a 3PL to take on your reverse logistics takes the stress out of product returns and refunds.

But that being said we’re not here to just sell you a dream – and so we’re going to let you in on some really exciting insights into the returns industry so you can explore more on how to master your reverse logistics and keep your customers not only on side but coming back for more too!

Why "Reverse Logistics"?

When we’re talking about returns management, why do we call it reverse logistics? By using this terminology we’re allowing you to think of returns in a completely different way –

Reverse logistics basically refers to getting a product from a customer back to a retailer, and so the same care, and attention you would getting the product from the retailer to the customer.

There are many different legitimate reasons for returning items, and without the brick-and-mortar store where you can see, feel and even try out a product in real life, customers ARE sending products back more often. But this ISN’T the end of their journey, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Treating returns with the same respect that you would when approaching a delivery will mean that the customer feels looked after and can build a rapport with the retailer at EVERY stage of their purchase journey. Having this relationship allows you to be seen as a customer-centric brand that cares primarily about building relationships, not just selling products, and that’s going to make you stand out from the crowd.

Returns management

What is the process of “Reverse Logistics”?

Step 1: Customer logs a return, giving a reason for returning the purchase.

Step 2: Customer prints a returns label and sends the parcel back to SCEND using an approved method.

Step 3: SCEND will receive the returned item, the clothing will be inspected and logged. Faulty items will be quarantined and then disposed of according to your guidelines. Items which are fit for resale will be deep cleaned, re-labelled, packaged and placed back into the warehouse for picking and packing.

Step 4: During the returns process we will keep you informed every step of the way with live updates meaning that you can process your clients’ refunds, quickly. Getting a client’s refund processed quickly will increase the likelihood of them purchasing from your brand again in the future.

Step 5:Happy satisfied customers = returning customers & better LTV.

At SCEND we work with you to ensure that your reverse logistics process is as smooth as possible for both you, and your clients. Want to know more about SCEND’s reverse logistics process? Click the button below to explore the full service.

Returns management


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