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April 4th, 2023

Kinnerton enters the B2C space with the expertise of SCEND.

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The Challenge

Being a traditional business, the majority of Kinnerton UK's business focused on B2B sales rather than direct-to-consumer. With the exponential growth of direct-to-consumer via digital channels over the past three years, and significant growth within their own business Kinnerton decided it was time to branch out into the DTC space.   

Being a growth area for the business, but still a relatively small proportion of total sales, they were not in a position to change the entire operation to accommodate for these new DTC sales, without considerable process changes and investment. In addition, whilst they committed resources to break into the digital space with our branded propositions, they needed a company they could trust to provide the best service possible to our customers immediately.

At Kinnerton UK, they were looking for not only a business that had a solid foundation but also a business that could develop with them as they grew. Enter SCEND...

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The Solution

At SCEND we pride ourselves on our ability to allow the companies we work with to inject growth into their brands, which is something which we did for Kinnerton UK.

By working alongside our clients we ensure that we are set up to not only encourage but aid in the growth of our clients. And this was evident in our work with Kinnerton. During our work with Kinnerton, they had experienced triple-digit growth, and we were more than capable of keeping up.

Alongside this, another solution which has really helped their wider business is the ability to have a small B2B platform alongside one of their websites to cater for smaller traditional B2B clients in a much more efficient process.

More recently, they also now have the ability to flex their despatch note per channel, which is extremely important for them considering they are a group with multiple brand channels!

Seasonal Demands

With the help from SCEND we were able to scale up and scale down without worrying about our services dropping.

"We’ve been with SCEND for over 12 months now and have experienced two of our peak periods in Christmas & Easter with them without any issues. They run a very smooth operation and have ensured our customers are getting the best shopping experience possible. Christmas and BFCM is without doubt our busiest period, and over this time we saw no issues with our service level at all, and in fact didn’t have to push out any SLAs. In particular with our Amazon channel this has proven very successful in helping us build out our Seller Account whilst maintaining high seller reviews. The biggest benefit we’ve seen as a business is the reporting ability, where we have been able to implement stock management and financial efficiencies due to the reporting suite we get from SCEND."


Tom Butler, Kinnerton UK
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