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May 16th, 2023

Experiencing quick growth, OYO turned to SCEND to be their 3PL.

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The Brand

An intimate skincare brand, OYO’s mission was to take away the taboo when it comes to women’s bikini lines! They started this mission in 2021, and over the past year have grown into a phenomenal skincare brand with an exclusive product offering that the market so desperately needed. Over the course of their first six months in business, they grew not only in order volume but globally too, and so they looked to outsource… queue SCEND!

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The Challenge

When OYO approached us, they were looking for a fulfilment company that would be able to fit their brief; “competitive pricing, eCommerce and small-business friendly, flexible and accommodating” – and well we’re happy to say we ticked all those boxes!

Using our perfected eCommerce fulfilment model, we were able to ensure that all orders were picked, packed and shipped in a timely fashion ensuring that all products were correct, un-damaged and boxed in environmentally friendly packaging – something that OYO were very happy to see.

SCEND provided a third-party logistics service tailored to our business needs. They ensured our products were packaged safely, decreasing the possibility of breakage in transit. Ensuring fast order fulfilment even during peak season as well as receiving stock super-fast to ensure our backorders are shipped in a timely manner! Super-fast and reliable communication with all the members of the team!

As well as needing a company that could take on the day-to-day of it, OYO were also keen to use a company that seamlessly integrated with their Shopify store, as well as providing an easy-to-use order management software which would allow awareness and transparency when it came to their fulfilment.

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An Exciting Partnership

Working as an extension of the OYO team we’re always excited to see our clients’ success first hand. As the final touchpoint before the customers receive their products, we take pride in ensuring the unboxing experience is second to none; each product is picked and packed with both care and attention by our exceptional team!

Lightning-fast Fulfilment & Delivery

SCEND has consistently provided exceptional service, with lightning-fast order fulfilment and delivery within just three business days.

"We have been partnering with SCEND for a year and a half now, and I cannot overstate how much they have contributed to our success. SCEND has consistently provided exceptional service, with lightning-fast order fulfilment and delivery within just three business days. They take great care to ensure that our products are packed securely to prevent damage during shipping, and above all, they are consistently reliable. I would like to give a special shoutout to Alex, who has been instrumental in finding creative solutions to any challenges we've encountered, always with incredible speed and efficiency. But the entire team at UFS deserves recognition for their great work in fulfilling our customers' orders. They are fast, reliable, and always willing to accommodate our needs. Thank you, SCEND, for your outstanding service!"


Lisa Gisin, Co-founder at OYO
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