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Food & Drink Fulfilment

Looking for a 3PL who you can trust to fulfil your food and drinks orders? At SCEND we take produce fulfilment extremely seriously – check out the process below.

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Tried and tested goods in process to protect your products.

At SCEND we understand that laying great foundations is the first step to success, which is why when it comes to food and drink fulfilment, we ensure we get the goods in process nailed the first time around. Once we receive your products each food or beverage item will be logged into our internal systems, this includes best-before dates to ensure we can correctly store goods in line with stock rotation – as well as logging batch codes to make it easy for product recall.

Once all products are unloaded and logged into our internal systems they will be correctly stored in a secure warehouse which has prime conditions for your food and beverage items to prevent them from perishing.

Food & Drink Fulfilment
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Guiness Chocolates

Keeping up with seasonal demands.

We know when it comes to food and drink there's never a time when customers don’t want your products BUT when you’re dealing with confectionary, sweets, chocolates and all that other good stuff we understand that there are peak times of the year when people purchase more!

At SCEND we are fully equipped to give you and your customers the best possible service no matter what time of year it is. As a business, we thrive under the pressure of the peak seasons and ensure that each order achieves the exact same level of precision and care at Christmas, Easter and Halloween as it would any other day of the year! Using a 3PL that's in tune with your seasonal needs is the perfect way to reduce complaints and returns over the busiest periods of the year.

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The process of food & drink fulfilment...

Want an idea of what to expect when you choose SCEND as your logistics provider?


We will receive your food and drink products into our warehouse. During the unpacking process, we will check all of your stock and log it into our internal systems. 


When you receive an order we will be automatically notified and the team will begin the picking process. Items will be picked in accordance with best-before dates and stock will be rotated appropriately.


Once picked & packed, your customers' order will then be dispatched. Tracking details will be automatically updated so that both you and the customer can keep track of the package.


If your customer wishes to return the order that just adds one more step. The order will be sent back to our safe and secure warehouse where we will inspect each item for damage. After this process, you will then be notified to issue the customer a refund.

Why choose SCEND for your food & drink fulfilment?

At SCEND we stand for speed, accuracy and quality! And this is no different sector to sector, we learn to change and adapt our process to suit yours, your customers and your industries needs to ensure each product that leaves our warehouse does so quickly, correctly and undamaged.

Same-day dispatch on orders placed before 9pm.

Expert packing to ensure no breakages or spills.

Clever technology allows for full system tracking.

Worldwide shipping to easily expand your market!

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