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March 4th, 2024

The Benefits of Internationalisation: How to handle post-purchase.

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What is the next step for your online enterprise? With so many eCommerce businesses pondering this exact question, there are a few logical next steps to enable you to grow and plant roots in a competitive online marketplace. And one of these ways: internationalisation.

What is internationalisation? A modern term, internationalisation is the act of growing your eCommerce business globally, taking it from its humble beginnings in a national space and tapping into new untouched markets. Growing your business globally means reaching a whole new demographic, expanding your audience, and creating new fruitful relationships with fresh customers.

But taking your business international isn’t all plain sailing. New markets bring new challenges. That’s why working with the right eCommerce platform and fulfilment provider is pivotal to your global success.

So, what should I consider when looking into internationalisation, and how can I ensure my new and existing customers experience the same high standards as before? We’ve outlined some super helpful insights into what you need to do to go global in 2024!

Reach new audiences globally.  

In a post-pandemic society, we have gained even more access to global markets. The barriers we used to face when looking to break into international commerce spaces are gradually beginning to crumble. With an ever-increasing number of businesses being published daily, the online space is becoming more and more crowded and so businesses are looking to seek out new, untapped audiences from a global perspective.

Expanding your audience across the pond allows you access to new audiences with different interests, needs and niches. And for a growing business, this is imperative. Why constrain yourself to the national market when there could be a greater demand for your products further afield?

In a world where TikTok is overtaking Google for search, your brand could be recognised by anyone, anywhere and by not offering international shipping options you’re alienating a whole host of potential buyers, and at what cost?

At SCEND we offer shipping worldwide, meaning that no matter which corner of the globe your customers are residing, you can reach them easily and efficiently. If you want to find out more about worldwide shipping – speak to a member of the team.

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Create a UK base at the centre of the UK.

Businesses across the globe are reaching out to new markets, and though worldwide shipping is a great and feasible option, there are other ways in which you can tap into new markets, especially if you’re an international company looking to expand into the UK.

Creating a home away from home using a 3PL is a great way to break into new markets without breaking the bank. At SCEND we work with an array of international brands who entrust their UK shipping to our expert team. With a large warehouse based in the heart of the UK, we’re able to access every corner of Britain via incredible transport links just a stone’s throw away from our HQ including the M1, East Midlands Airport and many more.

Having a 3PL partner in the heart of England will allow you access to the UK market without costly import fees and will also allow you to provide next-day delivery options which wouldn’t be possible with worldwide shipping.

Explore how we helped the Fox Tan break into the UK marketplace.

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Customs Advantage by SCEND.

At SCEND we offer a unique comprehensive customs service for anyone who works with SCEND. Customs Advantage by SCEND covers the three main aspects of CAS including in-house customs administration. In-house customs administration covers imports and exports, including the preparation of customs declarations, special procedure applications, licence applications and the collation of any documentation.  

The second of the three main aspects which is covered is guidance for all aspects of customs. This includes duties and inwards tax, review of the current customs process, assessment of potential customs efficiency options as well as being on hand Monday – Friday to offer expert guidance and advice.

The final aspect refers to special customs projects required by SCEND clients. This includes full customs audits, AEO status applications, HS code allocation, product origin investigation, addressing issues raised by customs authorities, and the development of detailed import and export strategy plans to include customs and inward tax efficiency gains.

For more information on CAS, or to find out how this service can benefit you, contact the team here at SCEND.

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Key takeaways:

When it comes to taking your brand internationally, whether you’re a UK-based brand looking to venture into international waters, or if you’re from further afield looking to tap into a UK eCommerce space. A 3PL might be your best ally in your global expansion. Working alongside a team of experts who are well-adapted at traversing the global fulfilment space is your biggest asset when mastering internationalisation. Reach out to the team here at SCEND.

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