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May 4th, 2023

The Fox Tan scrap import fees and now offers next day delivery.

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The Challenge

As an eCommerce business based in Australia, fast and reliable e-fulfilment is pivotal to exceptional service when it comes to The Fox Tan! Therefore, when their UK customer base declared that they were being charged local VAT on their orders, they were suddenly faced with many dissatisfied customers and a challenging problem...

Following an unsuccessful first attempt to resolve this issue, they recognised the need for a local warehouse to facilitate their UK order fulfilment. However, with an initial partnership that appeared to be the wrong fit for their business model. They went back to the drawing board to discover what and who they needed. 

The Fox Tan required a highly flexible and reliable warehouse to support our fast-paced business model, and that is where SCEND comes in. 

The Fox Tan

The Solution

Given the unfortunate prior experience, SCEND really helped to answer any and all questions and concerns when it came to getting set up in the UK. Our candour and demeanour provided The Fox Tan with a strong assurance for success.

We are happy to say that we ticked all the right boxes, and we were the perfect team for the job. 

Boasting a highly flexible, and knowledgeable team when it comes to all things eCommerce we are able to adjust our processes to suit their individual needs. 

Our skills and experience meant that the migration over to the SCEND system was seamless and The Fox Tan were set up in record time. We always endevour to not just be a 3PL partner, but a true extension of your team.

Custom Packaging

With the help of SCEND custom, we were still able to offer our custom packaging to our customers.

The Fox Tan

SCEND have been integral to our UK expansion. Being able to integrate our business into their systems seamlessly. Jack and the crew at SCEND are a true extension of our in-house team, they are diligent in their operation and take full control of our UK order fulfilment with ease. More importantly, they help us to facilitate the full customer experience journey, of which is being well received by our UK based consumers. Being an eCommerce business, it is imperative we partner with a team that is flexible to our ever-changing needs and is able to provide a service with the highest quality and attention to detail. We thank SCEND for their continual support.

Kelly Euripidou, Founder at The Fox Tan
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Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

Are you ready to level-up your logistics? Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your questions and get your journey with SCEND started.

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