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May 30th, 2023

eCommerce Fulfilment: A Guide for Start-Ups & Small Businesses

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Launching an eCommerce business is an exciting venture and we know there is plenty to consider. One of those things is fulfilment!

It can be a daunting, time-consuming task to fulfil your business's orders as they start to come in. As your business grows and becomes more successful this becomes even more challenging. Not knowing where to start when it comes to storagepacking, delivery and  is a common pain point with businesses on the verge of success.

For small businesses and start-ups every single order counts, and retention hinges on customer satisfaction. That is why having a fulfilment partner that works alongside you is extremely important. Order fulfilment has a huge impact on a business's reputation.

💡Did you know that 94% of consumers blame retailers for poor delivery?

What is an eCommerce fulfilment company?

Officially the definition of an eCommerce fulfilment company is an organisation that will take on the management of the storage, picking, packing, delivery and return of eCommerce orders for your business. But that isn’t where it ends some fulfilment companies will go above and beyond to offer additional yet essential services such as re-work and contract packing too!

An experienced fulfilment company will be able to offer your start-up business advice and support through these processes as well as providing the scale and room for growth as your company grows.

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what is contract pack?

What are the benefits of using a fulfilment company as a small business?

⏳ Third-Party Fulfilment Companies Save Time.

We all know that running a start-up or small business takes up a huge amount of time. With an abundance of business decisions to be made, and that’s not including the time taken up with inventory management and fulfilment. So, when we throw that into the mix too – it can become overwhelming.

That is where a third-party logistics company comes in. Outsourcing your fulfilment will help you to reduce fulfilment-related stress and regain that all-important time!

Working with the right eCommerce fulfilment partner will mean that as soon as that order has been placed you no longer have to worry about it – meaning you can put your time into running your business, coming up with new ideas, investing in marketing, and finishing that coffee that has been sitting on your desk since this morning… phew!

💰 Focus on making money.

 Start-ups and small businesses tend to have fluctuating orders that are often hard to predict. Using a 3PL partner can alleviate the cost of expensive warehousing and staff payroll, leaving you to focus on making money – rather than spending it!

📈 Room for growth

 Looking to expand your reach internationally – or even grow here in the UK? A fulfilment partner which grows alongside you is the perfect solution. With a 3PL partner, you will have access to warehousing space which will allow you a base right here in the heart of the UK.

When to use a fulfilment company as a small business?

If you are thinking about outsourcing your business fulfilment, there are some things you might want to consider.

Firstly, are you growing rapidly? Yes? Then it might be time to start outsourcing your fulfilment processes!

Secondly, are you looking to expand internationally? Yes? A fulfilment hub here in the UK can bring plenty of value to your business.

Thirdly, are you looking to reallocate your in-house fulfilment spend to boost your business? Using a fulfilment company can help you when it comes to reducing internal warehousing and labour costs. Costs associated with a 3PL logistics partner allow you to get a professional product which could save you both time and money by getting fulfilment done right the first time around.

If you want any additional information on eCommerce fulfilment and how we can help your start-up or small business achieve its goals then get in touch.

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Level-up your logistics with an expert 3PL partner! 

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