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February 13th, 2024

What if your marketing had a 100% open rate?

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Well, what if it did? That would be great. Some would say it’s every marketer's dream to generate the month-end report to show a 100% open rate on their emails, social posts and so much more… With the rise of digital marketing, and flyers 90% of the time heading for the bin, as marketers we need to look at new ways to reach our audience.

As marketers, it’s our job to attract new customers, delight existing ones and ensure the brand is recognisable everywhere. And that is why our job, unfortunately, doesn’t end once the sale is made. Customers are our best advocates and our best chance at increasing custom too! That’s why when I ask “what if your marketing had a 100% open rate” I’m talking about post-purchase marketing because that is where we really shine.

All too often brands neglect customers once they have made that all-important purchase. And we see why… they’ve made the purchase, now onto the next one. But in a market where getting new customers is harder than ever we’re looking more and more at delighting and retaining the customers we already have. Outside of making sure the product is up-to-scratch, and ensuring their overall experience is one to remember marketers can do just a few more steps to help engage customers once they’ve reached the end of that all-important sales funnel.

Hit them with the stuff they need.

We know that when it comes to leaflets stuffed into boxes and packages most of them end up in landfill. Something that as a sustainable society we don’t want to see! But what about the delivery notes? Delivery notes are an essential part of an order, they outline what you’ve ordered as well as the costs associated with that order and most buyers will check this in advance of discarding the packaging. So… why not use this to your advantage?

Having personalised delivery slips with company branding, recommended products, QR codes for product demonstrations, and discount codes. The possibilities are endless.  Using delivery slips as a marketing tool is a fantastic way to encourage first-time buyers to make the shift into brand advocates. Customers are much more likely to return to your brand if they feel nurtured from the beginning.

Not only that but using your delivery slip as a returns slip too will make the returns process much more fluid. We know that sometimes having a little friction in the returns process can deter your customers from returning an item – but why not use the slip to your advantage? Having a QR code which allows them to easily re-order in their correct size, or replace a damaged or faulty product can be the difference in someone coming back – or writing a negative review.

Marketing for the whole world to see. 

Why limit yourself to what’s inside the box? As marketers, we should always be thinking outside of the box, and we really do mean that literally. Have you ever seen someone's packaging and just thought, WOW. Giving people that wow factor when they look at your packaging is the best way to have them share your goods with their friends. Did you know that avid social media users are 40% more likely to share interesting and personalised packaging on their personal accounts than if they receive a plain box. 

In a 2024 world, we know that TikTok marketing can make all the difference when it comes to your brand getting orders. Getting one viral video from an influencer can be the difference between your business blowing up or remaining stagnant. There are currently 9.2 million TikTok users displaying the #unboxing on their posts, and the average unboxing video has around 50K views.

So how do you capitalise on this online phenomenon?

We can learn so much from some of the biggest brands on TikTok. Upgrading our outer packaging to be bold, bright, colourful, and to overall stand-out from the crowd. This will make people stand up and take notice of you. Use branded colours and larger logos which showcase your brand in the best light. Using these types of marketing methods will allow you to showcase your brand along the fulfilment journey, and with the customer and their online following.

Leave them wanting more.

When it comes to repeat purchases a lot of that comes from your products. If the product is amazing then your customers will come back, time and time again. But… that doesn’t mean your product marketing is null and void. Next-level marketing and phenomenal post-purchase communication may be the difference between a returning customer and a one-time buyer.

Using your post-purchase journey to engage your customers is the best way to promote your business for FREE. Your customers are guaranteed to see your packaging, your courier choice and so much more. They're already engaged with your brand so why not take those additional steps to convert them into brand advocates? Using your post-purchase journey as your final touchpoint with your customers will leave a lasting impression of your brand. Just as first impressions are extremely important, final impressions are equally as important.

If you're leaving your customers with a bitter taste - they're guaranteed to take their service elsewhere. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Get people engaged with interesting packaging and branding. 
  • Create an experience with personalised delivery notes
  • Make sure to leave your customers satisfied with their entire journey. 


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